Friends of the Festival

‘Friends’ are a network of people who enthusiastically support the festival. The group was started because each year lots and lots of people come up to Festival Committee members and say “This is a terrific event for our community! How can I help?” 

Become a ‘Friend’ is our answer! 

What do they do? 

‘Friends’ support the festival in a variety of ways: 

● Cheerlead! Spread the word about the festival. 

● Provide input to the festival committee. 

● Volunteer on festival day. 

● Participate in fundraisers. 

● House an artist for one night. 

How do I become one? 

Sign Up! Membership in the Friends network will cost just $20 per year. For that you’ll get a Festival tote bag and a button to wear that says ‘I’m a Friend of the Festival’. Plus you’ll be helping us with our budget and getting behind a wonderful community event.

June 22nd