Ann Baraton

Making pottery takes care and time.  We make each piece by hand in small batches, without the use of heavy machinery or jigs.  After the items are air dried, they go into a low temperature kiln firing.  This is called a "bisque" which burns out all of the organic matter and water out of the clay.  It is then considered ceramic, but still porous and easier to handle.  All of our glazes are then mixed in the studio from raw ingredients and water.   This is how the ceramic meets the glaze.  When the mixed glaze is applied, the water soaks into the ceramic and the chemicals

essentially stay on top. It is then ready to fire

again to a hot temperature and fuse clay to color. 

Cooling a kiln cannot be rushed.  It is all a labor of

love and a continual learning process.   We are

always busy doing some part of the process and

welcome visitors.​

Jim Reinert

Jim received an MFA in ceramics from Michigan State University in 1976 and currently works in Owosso, MI as an active studio potter. In addition to serving as an instructor at the Potters' Guild since 1974, Jim was involved for many years with the Lansing Community College ceramics and art programs. He was a founding member of the MI Guild of Artists and Artisans and maintains an active profile in its operation. The group produces one of the three Ann Arbor summer art fairs.​​

Dennis Swartzlander

I fell in love with ceramics while a junior at Adrian High School in Adrian Michigan in the mid - 1970's.  I had transferred in at the start of my junior year and I was looking for an easy class to help get me through school.  Immediately  I was hooked and began studying ceramics seriously.  My teacher, John Hartom, was an outstanding instructor who invested a lot of time and energy with students.   Trips to The University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Cranbrook,  studios and museums exposed us to the  work of John Loree, John and Suzanne Stephenson, John Glick, Rose Cabat, Toshiko Takaezu, and many  other  ceramic artists.  Later John Hartom and  Lisa Blackburn founded the Empty Bowls movement.  John and Lisa are still  good friends of mine today.   After graduating in 1976, I became involved in the family printing business and set ceramics aside for about five years.   In 1981 I happened upon a  gallery at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN,  which began many years of collecting.  Fast forward to 1999, my

wife noticed an ad for a ceramics class at the Toledo

Potters Guild, and suggested I give it a try. Following

this I signed up for classes at Siena Heights

University, studying with Paul Mcmullan and Tim

Van Beke.   I now teach Introduction to Wheel

Throwing and Intermediate/Advanced wheel

throwing at Siena as well as Adult Community

Ceramics classes, also at Siena Heights.                                                


Digital Art:

Mari Pruks

Like a fine piece of music has the power to change our feelings and alter our emotions, an image can have the same effect. I try in my pictures to move and inspire people. My work is about being in touch with my soul and same time my emotional and physical baggage exposed. My images are both reflection and expression in that I do not aim or plan a final picture, but instead allow myself to be found within it as it occurs.
I call it painting with the machine. I usually carry a small camera with me to snap a picture of interesting objects or landscapes for my collection. I have hundreds of thumbthrives full of snaps of random pictures. I layer them together in Photoshop. For instance I use a sky picture that was taken in Estonia and combine it with the grass picture taken from my backyard. I often use sentimental objects in my images. Such as my daughters summer dress, my childhood toy piano or letters that my grandmother has written me. 

I know this process of art making has given me my voice back. Often I have made these pictures in times when words fail to express what my inner soul wants to say but does not know how or feels too scared to speak the truth. I use my intuition to express all that what is hidden inside in my soul in order to bring the beautiful and not so beautiful parts of me into the light. I am fascinated by mythology, Carl Jung and one of my favorite books is "Women Running with Wolves".    

I print them using Epson 3880 printer on Epson

Velvet Fine Art paper. You can order them directly

from my website or you can visit East End Gallery

in Marchall Michigan, Estonia, my homedown Rapla

First floor of Praxis, Bells Gallery in Belleville

Michigan where my latest work is currently

displayed. Enjoy! Thank You                            

Brian Reagan

The name "brickhouse" is meaningful to our family.  It was the foundation of a pricing code used by P.J.s father in his lifelong independent pharmacy business.  Not to mention, it was a great song released in 1977 by the Commodores.

We started brickhouse partners ltd in 2008 while I was working full-time in the employee benefit industry.  From the outset we sold "buy/sell" products at any venue we could find.  Then in 2012 through 2015, our product line changed to sports photography.  We learned a lot about selling art during this period.

Now moving to patent art in early 2016.  P.J.'s grandfather, Grandpa Sanker created a legacy for this family with his patent.  He worked for U.S. Playing Card Company in Norwood, Ohio as a lithographer producing the first Bicycle playing cards in the mid 1920s.  His lithograph machine tended to over-heat

resulting in lost production time.  Grandpa invented a

cooling roller that solved that problem.  It became an

international standard for lithography machines. Near

the end of his working career Grandpa completed a

second patent improving his first creation.



Wendy Berry                      


Fibers Wearable:

Jennifer Buddie Karas

I​leana Chandler                          

Mary Kelly

Sarah Martin                                



Kimberly Arden

That Kimberly, she's a fun girl, you'd like her immediately. 
It's apparent that she loves what she is doing and it shows in her delightful work! So bright and joyful, it makes you happy when you wear it!

 This gal makes all of her polymer clay canes starting with the mixing of the colors to the building of the designs in clay. These canes are then hand sliced with a razor, one individual piece at a time!

Her husband John Chandler is her right hand man and the left brain of the operation! They work perfectly together to finish these beauties.

​You can see her at fine art shows throught the midwest in the summertime and Florida shows in the winter. Her booth is never the same twice as everything she makes is one of a kind. 

​Come and find your treasure of happy jewelry!​

Lisa Chile

Debra Hoffmaster

Hoffmaster Metalcraft is the website contact  for jewelry made by Debra Hoffmaster. 

In making and designing jewelry, I try to highlight the gemstones and the metalwork to create an integrated piece.  In addition to mokume-gane and keum-boo, I may use piercing, folding, fusing, and forging to give surface texture to the jewelry. I add color with patinas, anodizing and epoxy enamels.  My love of nature is apparent in many designs, but especially my labradorite "story" pendants, fish and leaf series. Function is also important to me. I like all of my pieces to be as pleasant to wear as they are to view.

I am a member of the Michigan Silversmith's Guild and an exhibiting member of the Guild of Artists and Artisans .  My articles on jewelry fabrication may be found in Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist. 

Hoffmaster Metalcraft can be found at fine art fairs in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region.

Tina Tavalacci

Claudia Winter                   



Janet Alford         

Mike Coleman 

I am originally from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I moved to Ludington, MI in the summer of 2012 when I first took to painting and pursuing status of professional artist. The styles of art I enjoy the most are along the lines of urban graffiti, Andy Warhol and abstract paintings such as Jackson Pollock. I started drawing, coloring and illustrating at a very young age. I have very little art education past high school as I pursued business and criminal justice in college. My current work is primarily in acrylic paints, although I also dabble with oils as well. My artwork is my outlet for stress and anxiety, I enjoy experimenting with paint along with other mediums to express myself and bring fulfilment into my life. I do some sort of artwork every day. I have been featured in 4 different galleries in Michigan and continue to attend art fairs as my schedule allows.
I believe art should be accessible to everyone. This is why I provide very affordable original works of art. My goal is to provide inspiration for everyone through my art. For requests, feedback, and other suggestions please contact me via Instagram, Etsy, or Facebook.

Drew Deming 

I grew up on Michigan’s Saginaw Bay, immersed in the beauty and tranquility of coastal living. My love of nature has evolved and grown over the years. I now find myself drawn to designs found in nature and am interested in how they affect our aesthetic choices.

I went through a serious illness starting in 2010. I had a recurring brain tumor located near my pituitary gland, it wasn't malignant, just very stubborn. After multiple surgeries and radiation, the tumor has now shrunk and continues to disappear. During this period I rediscovered watercolor painting. I had enjoyed painting in high school, but hadn't taken it seriously. However, while recovering from my illness I had plenty of spare time, and painting brought happiness and purpose to life when it was hard to find in few other places.

I began painting for myself, family and friends, read numerous how-to book on watercolor painting, and watched dozens of instructional videos online. Eventually my paintings improved to the point that I started selling them in a local gift shop, and since then have begun participating in various Michigan craft markets and art fairs. I feel blessed to have both gotten through such a hard stretch and now have the opportunity to pursue my passion as a professional artist.​

Tom Thiery



Catherine Adamkiewicz

Matthew Hutchins            

Kimberly Kotzian 

Kimberly Kotzian, nature and landscape photographer.  I have always been a nature lover. There are so many beautiful things that surround us every day. I strive to reflect that beauty through photography. I try to remind people to stop and take in all the wonders around us. I find it very soothing, and I hope others will too.

 If you love birds, lighthouses or the great state of Michigan like I do,  you’ll find something on this site that speaks to you. Every item on the site features a photo taken by me and most of them were taken right here in the state of Michigan.

 Some of the more unique items include Framed art in a Michigan-shaped mat and hand-made Christmas photo ornaments. These make for perfect gifts for the Michigan Ex-pat in your life (or for yourself!) and can be ordered directly from me through my Etsy Shop.

A wider selection of my photo portfolio can be purchased through Fine Art America where you can also choose from many options ranging from simple prints, framed prints, prints on canvas and more. Here you can also have your favorite photos printed on a variety of items, like phone cases and greeting cards, any of which could make a nice gift for a friend or loved-one.

 Browse my selection of photos for purchase on Fine Art America or my selection of photos and other items on my Etsy shop. Follow me on my Facebook page to see some of my latest work.

 If you happen to have seen an item at a show that is currently not available through the website or if you have a question, please feel free to email me through the “Contact Me” form on this site.​

Michele Ross


Print Making:

Joan Larsen 

At first glance my work may seem like pretty pictures of fruit and flowers, but for me there is a deeper meaning. I paint from live still life setups. Setups that are in a constant state of change. In rendering each painting there is an urgency to get it painted and printed quickly. I am acutely aware of the life force drifting away from my freshly picked lilacs. I cringe a bit when I see brown spots starting to form on a pear. 

My "not so still life" paintings deal with the brevity of life. Each painting is a celebration of life and a call to the viewer to breathe in every precious moment.​




Ray Ramsdell

Kerri Van Til 

2018 FESTIVAL of the ARTS

The Devils Lake Festival of the Arts has a juried art show with local artists from around the country. If you would like to be part of our juried art show please visit our application site.

Wendy grew up in a small town in South Eastern Michigan.  She started her career as a graphics artist for a large bi-weekly newspaper.  There she won several Press Association awards for both page layout and illustration.  In 2002 her husband’s job moved the family to Ohio.  Her three boys were all very young at the time and she wanted a career where she could work around her family’s schedule.  Art had always been a passion.  It was something she was good at and loved doing, so she began her freelance career.  She has been successful in selling her art on both Amazon and Etsy.  She has also illustrated several children’s books. One for herself called “The Amazing Brodie”.   

 She works with graphite, acrylics, water color, and color pencils and loves drawing nature. Her and her family spend a lot of time outdoors.  She always has her camera ready just in case she sees a bird or animal. She’s excited for each new project and looks on it as an opportunity to learn something new.  

 In 2016 Wendy and her family moved back to Michigan to be closer to both her and her husband’s families.  She continues pursuing her passion.  She won first place in Downriver’s  2017 Art Ambience, with her work entitled “Birdhouses”.  She has also started exhibiting and selling her work at art fairs this summer.