June 22nd


Children Experiences at the 10th Annual Devils Lake Festival of the Arts

Children Experiences

Goosey Lucy Character with Puppets, Music, and Engaging Interactive Experience - Free

Immerse young attendees in a world of wonder with Goosey Lucy, a beloved character accompanied by whimsical puppets and captivating music. Through interactive storytelling and engaging activities, children are invited to join Goosey Lucy on a magical journey, fostering creativity and imagination. This lively performance takes place on the festival's main stage, captivating young hearts from 10:00 to 10:30 am. *Located on the Main Stage.

Manitou Beach Creative: Children’s Art Tent -

Free Art Project

Step into a world of imagination and creativity at the Manitou Beach Creative Children’s Art Tent. Led by the talented Amy Emerson, children are invited to unleash their artistic flair through engaging and free art project. In addition visitors can explore and purchase children’s art and cards from the village art program. These one-of-a-kind creations showcase the talent and imagination of young artists in the community, providing an opportunity to support local art initiatives while bringing home a piece of Manitou Beach's creative spirit. The Children’s Art Tent serves as a hub of inspiration and collaboration, fostering a love for art and nurturing the next generation of creative minds. *Located in front of Devils Lake Inn.

Pickleball Court: Learn How to Play Pickleball -

Free Experience

Join acclaimed children's author Jackie Freeman in the heart of the festival as she shares her enchanting stories and creative process with young readers. Introduce festival-goers to the exciting sport of pickleball, a blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Experienced instructors guide participants through the rules and techniques, ensuring a fun and inclusive learning environment for all ages. This activity encourages physical activity and friendly competition, fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship. This engaging session offers a unique opportunity for children to interact with a beloved author and ignite their passion for reading and activity. *Located in the parking lot in front of Phoenix Rising.

Chalk the Walk: Express Your Creativity -

Free Contest

Unleash your artistic talents at Trends Hair Salon's Chalk the Walk event. Participants of all ages are encouraged to sign up and create stunning chalk art designs celebrating the festival's tenth anniversary. From intricate masterpieces to whimsical doodles, the sidewalks transform into vibrant galleries of creativity. Sign up is from 9-10 and the artists create from 10-1 pm. Judges arrive at 2:00 pm, this contest inspires community engagement and showcases the boundless creativity of festival attendees. *Located in front of Trends Hair Salon.

Face Painting and Magic by Seriously Funny Biz -

Cost Associated

Transform into a living canvas of imagination with Tami Hindes' enchanting face painting designs. Nestled under her pink pop-up tent, children are invited to unleash their inner superheroes, animals, or fairies. *Located to the right of the main stage under the shady trees, this whimsical activity adds a touch of magic and delight to the festival experience, creating cherished memories for young attendees.

Worldwide Adventures:

Free Kids Petting Zoo

Embark on a global adventure at the Kids Petting Zoo, where children can interact with friendly goats, llamas, chickens, rabbits, and even a tortoise (weather permitting). This immersive experience introduces young explorers to diverse animal species from around the world, fostering empathy, curiosity, and appreciation for nature. *Located on the grassy lawn behind the Food Tent next to Two Lakes Tavern Parking Lot. This hands-on activity offers a memorable encounter with furry and feathered friends, creating lasting memories for families.Type your paragraph here.